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We are a team of agents who believe that life insurance should be simple and fair. There are no medical exams, no hidden fees, and no in-person meetings. Our premier term life insurance product combines the coverage your family needs with a savings element. Your family is fully protected for the duration of your policy – and at the end of the policy you get all of the premium payments back to enjoy in retirement. Alternatively, you can continue coverage indefinitely without paying more premiums. This policy pays for itself!

Securing your family's financial well-being well into the future is our top priority. After all, we have families too and realize that nothing is more important than your loved ones. That's why we do what we do! We work with many life insurance companies, so you can be sure that our recommendations are completely unbiased. We are fully committed to giving you the best service and helping you choose a policy that's right for you.

Example - John is a 35 year old recent father who wants to protect his family with a $250,000 policy until he retires at 65 and his children are grown. His payment is $139/month from an A rated insurer with a 100+ year history and top notch customer service. When John turns 65, he has an option to get a full refund of his total premiums paid ($49,874) to enjoy in retirement or continue coverage indefinitely at a reduced amount without ever paying more premiums.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There are so many life insurance companies out there. Why should I pick yours? A: Our premier life insurance product is very unique because it combines the best aspects of various policies – all while requiring no medical exams. The policy protects your family during your working years, all while saving money for your retirement. If something happens to you – your family is taken care of. If nothing happens to you – your premiums are refunded. It's as simple as that! Furthermore, critical illness benefits are included at no extra charge. In case you become disabled or critically ill, it's possible to access life insurance benefits early.

Q: Getting all of the premiums back at the end of my life insurance term seems too good to be true. Is that really how it works? A: Absolutely! Unlike other term life insurance policies where your premiums simply disappear if nothing happens to you – our premier term life product refunds your premium payments at the end of the policy. You can use this money to travel in retirement, pay off your home, or simply enjoy some extra cash in your golden years. Think of it like life insurance plus savings account all in one!

Q: What is the process of signing up for your policy? A: It's very simple – submit an application above and our agent will be in touch with you within 24 hours. After going over all the specifics, an insurance contract gets sent to your email and can be signed electronically. There are no medical exams or hoops to jump through – everything is done online. After you sign the application and make the first payment, the policy is active. A policy summary will also be mailed to you.

Q: How can I be sure that I will receive coverage from a reputable and financially strong company? A: We work with several life insurance companies, all of which are A rated by “A.M Best” and other top insurance rating agencies. The premier insurer we work with has history dating back over 100 years with billions of dollars in liquidity.

Customer Reviews

We've helped thousands of customers find the right life insurance policy for them!

“Couldn't have asked for a better service! Family Insure went out of their way to make sure all of my concerns were addressed prior and post purchase” Nina M.

“I wish all life insurance agents were this helpful! The whole process was so smooth and easy. I will be recommending Life Insure to all of my friends and colleagues”Michael S.,

“The agent that got in touch with me was very pleasant and friendly. The policy itself was much cheaper than I expected for the coverage I wanted” Rick J.

“Great communication. I was always able to reach my agent with additional questions. These guys work really hard to make sure customers are happy!” Alexandr V.

“Very professional company. The whole process only took an hour and I loved that everything was online and so easy.” Diana R.

“They were wonderful to deal with. It's so rare to find such caring agents that truly listen. Thank you Family Insure” Meghan B.

“This was a perfect transaction in every way. I highly recommend Family Insure” Latoya B.

“They were very upfront and straightforward without any high pressure sales tactics. Excellent service all around” Irina M.

“Absolute pleasure to do business with. Everything was very clear and simple. Got my policy within days” Nancy I.

“Absolutely the best agency ever. Delivered everything as promised. Wouldn't even think of using or recommending anyone else!” Josh J.

"Excellent service all the way. They listened to my concerns, weren't pushy. and I got the exact policy I needed for a lot less than expected" Andrew S.

"I can wholeheartedly recommend Family Insure! They really listened to me and took all my needs into account." Mary V.

"The whole process was so fast and easy. I would recommend this service to anyone who's shopping for life insurance." Sam W.